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Webinar / My Mindset, My Safety

Dr. Kalogerakis with dozens of years of experience in Anthropocentric training for business executives in 4 continents, will focus on mindset and thinking as a means to avoid injuries, accidents in the work environment.

The inimitable trainer and business executive motivator Dr. Yiannis Kalogerakis, in this session, in his own unique way, will activate the first mindset change process (Recognition, Questioning, Demystification), activating the mechanism of the catalytic stage of unlearning.

Dr Yiannis Kalogerakis Anthropocentic Corporate Trainer, CEO JMK Training

Webinar / Safely Adjust

Adaptation and Flexibility are the keys to making the right decisions. Without prudence and moderation, the concept of security cannot exist even at the theoretical level of textbooks, let alone in practice.

The founder of Athenian Management, author of two best-selling books and distinguished lecturer and trainer Theodore Spiliotis, approaches the concept of safety under the prism of flexibility and adaptability.

Thodoris Spiliotis Author, Founder Athonian Management

Στις 30/9 10:50 κάνε κλίκ παρακάτω για να εισέλθεις στο webinar