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Innovation Management | Dr Fotis Filippopoulos

A special masterclass in Innovation Management Expert Fotis Filippopoulos.

MasterClass contents:

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About this Masterclass

*Live translation is not provided for the masterclass session


This intensive masterclass introduces breakthrough tools, concepts and practises from a global perspective, on how to address challenges that extend from innovation management and R&D to developing products that people want to buy. In a fast-paced and dynamic format, science and technology entrepreneurs will learn critical insights for significantly increasing the odds of developing and managing successful technology and product strategy, in the face of changing markets, technologies, and consumer demand.

The concepts, tools, and frameworks covered in the masterclass will enable participants to:

Key topics and takeaways:

– Learn the principles of innovation management and commercialisation strategies for technology entrepreneurs, the MIT way
– Develop a successful technology and product strategy
– Create, identify, and evaluate new venture opportunities
– Interpret customer needs and quantify the value proposition
– Learn the principles of Value Creation, Capture and Delivery
– Commercialisation strategies for technology entrepreneurs
– Innovation management the MIT way
– Consumer Behaviour in action
– Enhance and expand their networks

Who should attend:

The masterclass is essential for senior general and technical executives involved in developing, managing or marketing technology products, or with managing organisations that sell their products in rapidly changing markets. The content is designed to be maximally practical and most beneficial for:

– Science and Technology Entrepreneurs
– Managers in technology-intensive organisations
– Marketing and business development executives in technology organisations R&D managers in any organisation
– Executives across all levels of management including C-level professionals Head of R&D; Engineering; & Manufacturing
– VP of Marketing & New Venture Development
– Product designers
– Project managers
– STEM students
– Crossovers of a number of these functional areas

Video features:

  • Audio language: Greek
  • Subtitles: n/a
  • Duration:

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