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Influencing Behaviour Using a full Tool Box | Jeff French

A special masterclass in Social Marketing and Behavioral Influence by Professor Jeff French.

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About this Masterclass

In this 90 minute workshop Professor French will give an outline  what we know about how to influence behaviour. The session will look at how behavioural sciences can be used to understand and design more effective, efficient and socially acceptable interventions.

The session will also look at how traditional approaches including, information, education, design, legislation and service provision can be used in combination with new understanding from field s such as behavioural economics and social psychology.

The session will be illustrated with examples from around the world.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understanding of the range and limitations of a variety of approaches to influence behaviour.
  • Design principles that can help guide the selection and development of the right mix of interventions.
  • How to apply these principles for profit and social good.

Professor Jeff French is a global thought leader in the fields of behavioral influence, Social Marketing, social communication and program planning and evaluation.

Jeff has published over 90 academic papers, five books and numerous guides and tool kits on these subjects. Jeff is a visiting Professor at Brighton University and a Fellow at Kings College London University and teaches at four other universities on a regular basis.

Previously Director of Policy and Communication at the UK Health Development Agency and a senior civil servant in the UK Department of Health. In 2004 Jeff led the UK government review of Social Marketing and set up the National Social Marketing Centre in 2005. In 2009 Jeff became the CEO of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd

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