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Happiness Centric Leadership: A system and strategies for success | Avinash Ananda

A special masterclass in Leadership by Avinash Ananda.

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About this Masterclass

This is a Happiness-Centric Leadership program, by Avinash Ananda, which introduces the applied behavioral science of Meta Mind Alignment as a practical way for the participants to lead themselves and others to reach their next level  of success using happiness strategies.

This practical and powerful program is based on principles of happiness and leadership gleaned from the latest best practises of management and motivation from the West blended with the time-tested philosphies and meditation practises of the East.

This program experientially explains hows to simultaneously manage mindsets, sharpen skillsets and enhance execution excellence as a three-pronged alignment approach  towards sustained success both at individual and team levels.

By linking leadership theories and happiness strategies to inspirational real‐life examples, this program focuses on facilitating one’s growth on how to be a better leader of one’s self first, so that one can be even better at positively inspiring, influencing and impacting others also towards greater success.

It is aimed at making the participants understand how to activate their meta conscious minds to reprogram their existing disempowering patterns of both their conscious mind ( thoughts and feelings) and subconscious minds ( beliefs and habits) to empower themselves to face reality and  take charge of their personal and professional success with the positive energies of clarity, calmness, concentration, competence, contribution, collaboration, confidence and more.

Key learnings and takeaways:

In this high-energy, high-impact and interactive Masterclass, you will learn..

  • How to be a leader of yourself using happiness strategies for greater success
  • How to develop flexibility in the usage of different leadership styles for continuously enhancing your effectiveness as a leader with teams
  • How  to manage different conflicting perspectives and encourage mutual respect, cooperation, synergy and motivation
  • How to resolve conflict and deal with difficult people and situations confidently and positively
  • How to create and maintain a mindset and action plan towards creating the right habits in individuals and right culture in organisations
  • How to generate positive energy at will and channelise it towards sustained peak performance
  • The importance of alignment in both personal and professional spheres of life
  • How to take ownership of one’s mind and life
  • How to align your faculties of wanting, feeling, thinking, saying, doing and knowing
  • How to use the power of happiness as a fuel for your greater success

Is this seminar for me? 

This is a power-packed Masterclass that is ideal for those who wish to experience or reinforce the empowering paradigm shift that their life is in their hands and those looking for the immediate implementation of ideas and strategies to go to their next level of success.

This includes:
-Leaders at various levels of the organization
– Businessmen/Entrepreneurs looking to take their organization to the next level of success
-Individuals who aim for success through growth of their personal and professional lives
-Individuals who desire mastery of their life to make it more happy and successful

Video features:

  • Audio language: English
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