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Leadership Masterclass | Dimitris Karakoulas| The Mindspark

A special masterclass in Social Marketing and Behavioral Influence by Professor Jeff French.

MasterClass contents:

  • Masterclass video
  • Presentation slides
  • Take away points

Video features:

  • Audio language: Greek
  • Subtitles: n/a
  • Duration: 1hr 36min

About this Masterclass

A special masterclass in Leadership is scheduled on 29th April 2018 from Dimitris Karakoulas, Leadership expert, General Manager of Bentley Motors E.A..

A masterclass that uses the practical tools to capitalize the skills of the company’s trial. The masterclass presents the important organizational skills and the way in which leaders can build on them the value for the organization.

Masterclass’s Purpose
– How Can Organizational Skills Become a Tool for Business Development?
– How to ensure a successful investment on organizational skills
– What is the difference in competencies from skills?

Masterclass goals

What will you win?
– Understand the importance of organizational capacity
– It will be the ways to identify the organizational possibilities and the way it is controlled and evaluated
– Will understand the elements that are best for a successful investment on organizational skills
– You will learn to identify how to identify areas that need improvement and what are the next steps

* The workshop was delivered in Greek language.

Video features:

  • Audio language: English
  • Subtitles: n/a
  • Duration: 1hr 36min 51sec

Additional material

Presentation slides