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Manos Laskarakis | co-Founder

When at the age of ten I got my first computer, I had one question:  “how are all those magnificent things I see in the screen implemented…?”.  A few months later, with the help of an Illustrated developers book, I successfully run me first program: a simple quiz game.

Fifteen years later, when people started to move me more than computers, I wanted to communicate with them. With software was not easy, so I started to write: Thoughts, sort stories and later articles in a newspaper.

I never decided in which action I feel more myself. I change my mind from one day to another. But I know one thing for sure. That when you create, you not only express yourself. You discover him through your creations. And along you discover the world, as it is mirrored in him.

I studied Computer Science in Cardiff University to become a better programmer. I ‘read dozens of books to inspire me for writing.  Today I publish a local newspaper in Alexandroupolis. I also develop software for my business and websites. As a book and a tech lover, I combine both to my everyday life and my job.

Mindspark is definitely a suitable and inspirational environment for me to be a part of it, help the team and have fun creating.