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Leonidas Skerletopoulos | Founder

Founder The Mindspark / Social Marketing & Behaviour Specialist

Members Chair, International Social Marketing Association, Founder The Mindspark

Leonidas is a Social Marketing professional  certified by the University of Brighton with proven experience and strong academic background in Marketing and Communications. Furthermore,  Leonidas is actively involved in the development and promotion of the field in Greece through events as keynote speaker, organizer, trainer and occasionally guest lecturer in Social Marketing, Marketing and entrepreneurship.

He has experience working as a consultant with public, non-profit and private sector organizations in the field of Marketing, Communications and Strategic Planning. He was a U.K. alumni awards finalist in Greece for 2019 and the founder of the Mindspark initiative, an initiative aiming to promote growth mindset in Greece expressed through events focused on marketing and creativity. Closing Leonidas is a Member of the Board of the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) and National Rep of the European Social Marketing Association for Greece Leonidas is a National Rep of the European Social Marketing Association (ESMA)


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