Mindspark for Future Leaders

“Youth Mindspark for Future Leaders”, is a part of the Mindspark initiative, that aims to challenge and form the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The vision of the action is to contribute to the revulsion of business thinking through the generations to come. Those that will place Greece in the business environment, generations that create, learn, and don’t compromise, generations that will change the world as we know it.

It is the first Greek think and motivation tank of young people, 13 – 18 years old, that will give them the tools to claim their personal and professional success, and the perception to open the road for a different future, from the one that society, or current norms use to “imply” .

At youth Mindspark, future leaders are in the center of attention, and the goal is to understand the nature of entrepreneurship, to adopt critical thinking and opinion around business, to come in touch with role-models, academics and charismatic businessmen. The youngsters will exchange opinions and thoughts with the neurons while some of them will representatives on the panel.

The challenge of Mindspark is the activation of the influences that the new generation accepts from the wider environment, which is not always friendly against businesses, compared to the public sector. The youngsters will have the chance to experience and view the real and creative side of the businessman, the individual who creates, challenges the status quo and knows that failure is the first knowledge towards success.

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