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Petros Soukoulias

Innovation & Technology Expert


Petros Soukoulias is a graduate of the Military School “Evelpidon”, of the programming department of ELKEPA and has an MSc in Computer Science of the University of Essex, England.

During the decade 1987-97 he had a wide participation on the development and implementation of national and multinational information technology projects in the arm and on 1992 he suggests the operational use of information technology. The period 1992-95 he becomes a national representative of Greece on NATO in Computer Science issues (WG-29). On 1997 he retires from army with the degree of brigadier.

Mr Soukoulias is a cofounder of Prisma Electronics S.A., where he served as a General Manager from 1997 to 2011, with significant involvement on developmentally and research national and international projects, on Electronics and Computer Science.

From 2012 he is in charge of the Scientific/Advisory Board of the company, while he coordinates the corporate involvement on large scale international research and construction projects with CERN, ESA, ARIBUS DS U.K. and with European partners on H2020.

From 2013 he is a visitor professor on master degree of TEI of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. From July of 2013 he served as a president of the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace until mid of 2016, when the council is under reform.

From 2014 he is the vice president of the Organic Electronic Union of Greece (HOPE-A).

Petros Soukoulias is one of the founders and president of board of directors of NOMIA S.A company, which promotes the global commercial Shipping of system LAROS.