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Maria Bozoglou

Founder and CEO | ITALY LINES

Maria Bozoglou was born in Thessaloniki in 1961. After school she went to Italy to stat her graduate stidies, however, in 1984 she quit her Major in order to return to Greece, give birth and become a mother.

Despite being a single mother, in 1991 and after 7 years of managing experience in the Italy-Greece international transports business, she creates her own startup, ITALY LINES, a company that enters the market as a total logistics provider. Her ability to manage people and be very client orientated leads ITALY LINES to grow and invest quickly and efficiently in 2 logistics depots in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as enhancing the company’s clientele with leading companies in Greece and abroad.

Maria is driven by her vision and values to create winning teams in every logistics service needed.

Maria Bozoglou