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Christodoulos Topsidis

Entrepreneur | President of Evros Chamber


Christodoulos Topsidis is an entrepreneur with individual activity and participation as a shareholder in other branches and companies in Greece and abroad. His business activities are in areas such as construction, entertainment, foodservice, truism, trade, services and energy.

From 2011 he is a president of Evros Chamber, where he upgraded the strategic direction of the institution, the efficiency of the services and integrated new rewarding services. In his active service he included strategies of sustainable income for the institution by using the infrastructures of the Evros Chamber Development Company, where he also serves as a president.

Apart his business activities, Christodoulos takes part in the formation of local development strategies, having institutional capacity on important bodies of local society.

Christodoulos today serves, among others, as president of Evros Chamber, president of Evros Chamber Development Company, vice President of Evros Corporate Bank, member of Board of Directors of Corporate Banks Union of Greece (ESTE), member of B.D. of Alexandroupolis Port Organization, member of the “Hellenic Public and State Aids Guarantees Committee”, representative in the General Convention of National Hellenic Committee of the International Trade Chamber, member of the Urban Non-Profit Company “PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF MEDIA SUPPORT – ECONOMIC ADVISORY DESM-OS-AMTH ”, and member of Broker’s Disciplinary Board of Evros.