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Tolis Aivalis

Tolis Aivalis is the CEO of KNOWCRUNCH.COM an international training organization and the Managing Partner at AIVAL.COM a business strategy consulting firm. He has hands-on operating experience on consumer & enterprise internet, social media, gaming, music, advertising, technology, media and mobile since 1996 as an executive, mentor and serial entrepreneur.

He has a proven track record of innovation. He founded PowerΝet in 1996, Web Awards (now Ermis Digital) in 1998, ArboMedia in 2001, Real Brands in 2007, Social Brands in 2009, StartupDay event in 2009 and Startup Nation in 2011. He is also a syllabus manager and curator of Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media and a trainer for executives and colleges since 2007.

Apostolis Aivalis