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Anastasios Tzikas


Born in Thessaloniki, Anastasios is an Electrical Engineer graduate from the Polytechnic School of Aristoteleio University. Today he is the President of the Federeation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE), President of the High Technology Business Park “Tehchnopolis Thessaloniki” and President of the Board of the International Trade Center of Thessaloniki “HELEXPO”.

Anastasios is also a honorary President of Federeation of Hellenic Information Technology Enterprises of Northern Greece after serving as a president for longer than 15 years.

In the past, he co-foudned Singular Software and served the company as the CEO between 1987 and 2004 and as the President of the Board until 2005. At Singular Software, he lead the development of the company in Bulagaria and Romania, also serving as a CEO.

Anastasios Tzikas

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