it's all about great people sharing great ideas / and it all begins with a spark

A few words about Mindspark / a brief story

Marketing Gurus, Global thought Leaders, Creative Experts and Top Achievers on a mission to light your Spark!

the Mindspark is a special event dedicated on entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity and innovative thinking.

In Mindspark you are going to experience business under the lens of modern marketing and creativity. If you feel anxious and concerned on your way out, then you have won the spark.

As Socrates presented himself to be the horsefly whose job was to «disturb» and provoke the Athenians, at the point where he was igniting an awakening to his fellow citizens, so does Mindspark works to stimulate and activate the audience towards personal action.

The purpose of Socrates was to bring you in contradiction with yourself and lead you to accept your ignorance, so you can be motivated to get activated and self-improved.

In this way Mindspark aims to release your hidden potentials from within and offer you the incentive to discover that «luck», as Dr. Kalogerakis says, is  a mentality – a blend of  ideas and hard work.

Mindspark is a newborn institution with vision to trigger the talents and prospects of it’s audience.

To create a think tank of impulse and «push» the public to claim the personal and professional success, through exposure to new ideas and applied practices, from worldwide influential personalities of the business environment.

Mindspark is the place where great people share great ideas. Inspiration is shared plenty and free, while practice remains to you.

Why is Mindspark different

The mindspark events doesn’t comply with traditional structure forums or conferences, as it is focused οn audience experience and gain. Traditional approaches have proved tο be inadequate, resulting in poor attendance, fact that led to new modern approaches.

the mindspark focuses οn creating α unique experience for the audience and brings together  knowledge, controlled interaction with speakers, networking and fun. The involvement is designed through our audience engagement that reflects οn all stages of design under three principles, tο be:

Fun – Easy – Popular


Mindspark Workshops / get access to a global list of instructors

Mindspark Workshops a special service which gives the business or organization access to a global list of experienced instructors, the Mindspark Neurons.

The program of training creates modern prototypes and are designed according to the needs of the organization. All the programs integrate the activation model of Mindspark, ensuring higher results from most other programs in the market.

The labs are available during the period of the event and after registration and diagnosis of the needs of each organization.

Youth Mindspark / for Future Leaders

Youth Mindspark for Future Leaders is a part of the Mindspark initiative, that aims to challenge and form the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The vision of the action is to contribute to the revulsion of business thinking through the generations to come. Those that will offer Greece a place in the global business environment, generations that create, learn, and don’t compromise, generations that will change the world as we know it.

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