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Join hundreds of People who seek to Light their Spark / it all begins with a spark

A few words about Mindspark / What is it

The Mindspark is an initiative currently expressed through a special event dedicated on entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity and innovative thinking. Marketing Gurus, Global thought Leaders, Creative Experts and Top Achievers are on a mission to light your Spark!

How it all started / a brief history of the mindspark

The beginning

Everything started by acknowledging the need for an initiative that would offer something more from the traditional type of Business and Marketing conferences and events.

The goal was crystal clear from DAY ONE. To provide stimulation and tools that would help Greek entrepreneurs and managers to adopt a growth mindset. To assist them in getting detached, from the fixed mindset that prevents them from expressing their innovative culture and scale their ventures.

It started as an idea during a coffee break and then as the word was spread, some brilliant minds joined, contributing each one to create the basis for building a prototype model event.

The first move was to study the basic elements of the Greek culture. A highly contextual culture that builds on to norms, and is often held back by day-to-day survival, bureaucratic processes and limited business experience operating in global markets. Those insights were then used to develop a model that stimulates, triggers, speaks their language and make them feel comfortable. It designed to provide an experience, that one cannot learn from books, but from “been there, done that!”

The model passed through experimentation and evolution stages and keeps evolving. It was designed to provide the foundational elements for a Greek Carol Dweck recipe!

It is unique and different because it aims to stimulate and evolve its audience mindset through an awakening experience that goes through the mind stages of Recognition, Doubt, Demystification, Replacement, Change, and Attitude toward Growth.

Mindspark model uses modern psychological methods as a catalyst of change to transition its audience, from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. The audience goes through three phases, designed to move their belief system toward new levels of confidence:

  • The first phase is designed to light up the spark in the mind with new ideas
  • The second phase creates a context of community sharing to spark creativity
  • The third phase bridges new knowledge with old beliefs to broaden the mind

So, today if it happens that you join a mindspark event, you are going to live a different and exciting excperience compared with a typical conference or motivational event. You are going to live a novel model that evolves,  with primary aim to equip you with the tools and stimuli to change your mindset and not just inspirational talks and walks.….

Aims and Objectives / What we are trying to achieve

The primary aim is to promote the change of mindset and the main challenge to trigger the innovative and creative nature of Greek entrepreneurs, through proper stimulation and tools. To guide them and help them use their skills towards the right direction.  A direction that will allow them to overcome their “cultural mentality”  that lead to “me2innovations”, “copycat ideas”, “opportunism” and short-term business plans. Objective is the transformation of their Business models in plans that create long-term value and build on evloution for growth and scale on international level.

As Socrates presented himself to be the horsefly whose job was to «disturb» and provoke the Athenians, at the point where he was igniting an awakening to his fellow citizens, so does Mindspark works to stimulate and activate the audience towards personal action.

The purpose of Socrates, was to bring you in contradiction with yourself and lead you to accept your ignorance, so you can be motivated to get activated and self-improved.

In this way Mindspark aims to release your hidden potentials from within and offer you the incentive to discover that «luck», as Dr. Kalogerakis says, is  a mentality – a blend of  ideas and hard work.

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